The Stetson Town Office maintains the records of all town business.  This position is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and the appointees serve until they resign or are replaced.  The position covers many types of office work.  Typical duties as; answering inquiries in person, by telephone, by letter, or by facsimile; searching for and compiling information; indexing; maintaining financial records, personnel time and payroll records; and other similar work.  Any or all of these functions may be performed singly or in combination.


Major duties are as follows:


  Town Clerk

     Selling and processing of fishing and hunting licenses, selling and issuing dog           


    Vital statistics birth, death, and marriage certificates issuing and filing.

    Preparation of all municipal and state election materials and overseer of elections.



    Receipt of public money for taxes, state revenue sharing, and state agency funds from

    licenses sales, and all other revenue.

    Municipal investments.

    Daily depositing.

    Disbursement of public money on lawful warrant.

    Carry out tax lien mortgage process.


  Tax Collector

    Prepare and distribute tax bills.

    Collect real estate, personal and excise tax.

    Figure and post current year excise to current motor vehicle printouts.


Register of Voters

  Accept voter registrations.

  Prepare and revise voter lists.


Welfare Director

    Accept and verify general assistance applications.

    Determine eligibility.

    Issue written decision.


Administrative Duties

  Prepare for Selectmen’s meetings, annual town meeting, and record minutes.

  Prepare recordings and statements for annual audit.