Date:  January 22, 2014





I.              OPEN MEETING

The meeting was opened with Brenda Clark leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



Brenda Clark, Priscilla Dorman, Charles Leighton, and Danny Withee were present.  (Hal Hand was absent due to work)



                        1.         Approve Meeting Minutes of December 11, 2013

                        Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Danny Withee, to approve the December 11 2013 minutes with the printed transcript of the tape recording provided by Priscilla Dorman.  The motion died by a vote of 2 to 2.

                        Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to table these minutes for a full board.                      

2.            Approve Meeting Minutes of December 23, 2013

Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Danny Withee, it was voted 3 to 0 to approve the December 23, 2013 minutes as written.  (Priscilla not voting as she did not attend this meeting)


3.            Approve Meeting Minutes of January 8, 2014

                        Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Brenda Clark, it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes with the amendment of Danny Withee statement “a foot and a half lower than the stringers” to “a foot and a half lower than last year”.





            D.  WARRANT


1.    Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant   # 17

Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to approve Payroll Warrant #17.


2.    Expenditures – Approve warrant  # 23

Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was unanimously voted to approve Warrant #23.





II.            OLD BUSINESS

The Board signed the previously approved GA inspection Policy.

      Diane reported that the Thank-you letter has been sent to Carol Weymouth thanking her for her years of service to the News Letter.




1.    Additional Sand/Salt Purchase

Mr. Webber had requested a possible additional 1,000 yards and a minimum of 500 yards, and appropriate amount of salt to mix with the above order.

Road Commissioner William Barriault being present also stated additional sand and salt was needed and would like to get it asap. 

Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was unanimously voted to order 800 yards of sand and 2 loads of salt.  Mr. Barriault will order both and schedule delivery.

2.    Documented Comments on Meeting Minutes.

Due to the previous discussion of the December 11th minutes and the recording and transcript…..Diane requested that any comments made by the public or Board members that would like their statements to be recorded and part of the public record to state that at the time as so.  (see Selectmen and Public Comments for more information on this topic)



            A.  ANIMAL CONTROL       Diane reported that Sandy is presently making reminder phone calls for Dog licensing to avoid late fees.      


C.   CEMETERY        Nothing.

D.  CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER               Diane reported that Al is temporarily out of work due to surgery on his leg.            

            E.  E911          Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION       Nothing.

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE    Nothing.       

            H.  EMT/RESCUE                Nothing.

I.   FIRE DEPARTMENT     Nothing.

            J.  MEETINGHOUSE           Charles Leighton reported that the Yodder family paid for a mold test at the meeting house and it showed the air outside was worse than the air inside.

K.  PARKS & RECREATION         Nothing.

L.  PLANNING BOARD       Nothing.       

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         Nothing.


            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER  

P.  STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP      Priscilla informed the Board of the potential of Revenue Sharing being cut yet again.

            Q. TREASURER       Diane informed that Board that the potential mailing date for foreclosures is Feb. 5th.   Consensus of the Board was to hold the first budget workshop on February 10 at 9:30 am.

R.   WELFARE DIRECTOR            Diane reported that it has been very busy as the help residents receive from the state is behind and this may be the first year that we will be over budget.

S.   MEMORIAL COMMITTEE        Nothing.



T.    OTHER   




V.           TRAINING

New Training dates coming.


VI.          PUBLIC COMMENTS    

Marlene Webber: questioned the reason that the 12/11/2013 meeting was secretly tape recorded and who has access to both the tape recording and the transcript that has been printed from it.   Priscilla Dorman explained that she recorded the meeting simply for her own personnel use, as she does not always hear what is being said.  Marlene then questioned why it was not stated it was being recorded and be above board about it and fair to all.  Marlene stated that this is a hornet’s nest to privacy issues and liabilities and requested a copy of the tape.  Priscilla informed Marlene that she does not believe she still has the recording as it was very large and may have been deleted.  Marlene suggested that all follow the same rules.

Pierre Rougney:  Again questioned why the Special Town Meeting Minutes of October 23, 2013 were not on the web site.  Diane again informed Mr. Rougney that she had thought Mr. Perry had done so, but would follow up again.

Julie Brownie:  stated that she feels it is the Boards responsibility to listen to the residents concerns and there should be some flexibility.




Charles Leighton:   Informed the Public in attendance that the “Right to Know Law” does not require public comments at a Selectmen’s Meeting and that those comments are the discretion of the Board.  Charles feels that the privilege of public comments has been abused and it is time to discuss what can be done about these concerns and out burst.   Charles requested that “Public comments” be placed on the next agenda for discussion.


Brenda Clark:  Thanked every one for the kindness shown to both her and her family during the time of her mother’s passing.








Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.









_______________________________Brenda Clark


_______________________________Charles Leighton


_______________________________Pricilla Dorman


_______________________________Hal Hand


_______________________________Danny Withee




Minutes recorded by

Diane Lacadie