Date:  April 27, 2011







The meeting was opened with Don Carroll leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Public was asked to remain standing to dedicate a moment of silence for Gary Bellefleur Jr.’s 1 year anniversary of his death.



Donald Carroll, Brenda Clark, Lois Hawes, George Hockstadter and Terry White.




1.     Approve Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of April 13, 2011

 Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Terry White, it was unanimously voted to approve the April 13, 2001 Minutes. 





            D.   WARRANT


    Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant  # 57

 Upon motion by Lois Hawes, seconded by Brenda Clark, it was unanimously voted to approve Warrant #57.


    Expenditures – Approve warrant  # 58

Upon motion by Terry White, seconded by George Hockstadter, it was unanimously voted to approve Warrant #58.



Consensus of the Board was to approve a Personal Property Abatement for Gary Bellefleur Jr. (the store) in the amount of $163.11.

Don Carroll reported that Danielle and he had done some assessing today.


1.    Tax Acquired – Mullen Road Property

3 Bids were submitted:

Charles Craig          $3,500.00

Dan Ready               $7,800.00

Mildred Butler          $5,000.00

             Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Terry White, it was unanimously voted to award the bid to Dan Ready in the amount of $7,800.00.


2.    Signing of Contracts – Mowing / Cleaning

Consensus of the Board was to sign 2 copies of the contracts, one for the office, and one for the contractor.



1.    Town Report Cover

Terry White recommended oldest Town resident (Avis Wilson)

Lois Hawes recommended the School because of the possible closing.

Don Carroll stated he would like to use both.  School on the front of the cover, and Avis Wilson on the inside cover. 

Consensus of the Board was to put School on the front cover, and Avis Wilson on the inside of the cover.


2.    Election Dates

Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Terry White, it was unanimously voted to change the Election Date from June 14, 2011 to June 7, 2011 to allow Town Election, Town Referendum, and School Referendum to be all done at one time.  (This date is necessary for the time line of the Schools legalities)


3.    Town Referendum Ballot

The proposed Town Referendum Ballot (dealing with the bid process) was previewed and read aloud.  The wording recommended from the Maine Municipal Assoc. 

Consensus of the Board was to approve the wording of the Referendum Ballot.


4.    Town Meeting Warrant Articles

Lois Hawes questioned if some of the Articles could read:

“Recommended by Majority of the Board of Selectmen” and the answer is yes, and will be done.

Upon motion by Terry White, seconded by George Hockstadter, it was unanimously voted to approve and sign the Town Meeting Warrant Articles.



A.  ANIMAL CONTROL       Don Carroll addressed the letter the Board has received concerning “dangerous or aggressive dogs”.  Don reported that he went to the residence and the dogs were very friendly and were not a threat.  The only issue is the dogs are at large a lot because the children in the residence open the door and let them out a lot .                                    

           B.  APPEALS BOARD            Robert Frappier reported that there are only presently 4 member of the Board of Appeals and is concerned of a tie vote.  Don Carroll will put in the next News Letter that the Town is seeking members for the Appeals Board.

C.   CEMETERY         Wording for Rolling Thunder has been corrected, and the Sheriff’s work crew will be here the week of May 9th.

D.   CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER    Nothing.                   

            E.  E911             Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION        Referendum Vote on June 7, 2011

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPARENESS COMMITTEE         Nothing.

            H.  EMT/RESCUE    Nothing.

             I.   FIRE DEPARTMENT    Nothing.

            J.  MEETINGHOUSE            Connie Merrill reported that the Trustees have met, and she will provide a copy of those minutes to the Selectmen.  The Trustees still interested are Connie Merrill, Theresa Gray, Janet Rush, and Sandra Lovejoy.  Don Carroll also reported that the water heater has been scheduled to be repaired.

K   PARKS & RECREATION          Reported that there were 30 plus children at the Easter party and fun was had by all!


            1.         Certificate of Occupancy Permit

 Diane passed out a proposed copy of the Permit for the Board to look over for the next regular Selectmen’s Meeting and bring back any questions or concerns.  There was some discussion as to whether the Permit will apply to all new building, or only those requiring the Permit for Bank Financing.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR           Nothing.

N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Nothing.         

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER  John Biggar was present.  Don Carroll reported that John and he had met and went over the inventory of culverts.  Don got bids on the prices of culverts, and the low bid was $20,534.46 and would receive an extra 10% off if the invoice is paid by the tenth of the month from Paris Farms:

                        6  -  15” x 20’

                        26  -  24” x 24’

                        4  -  36” x 20’

                        6  -  12 ½ ‘ x 432’ long roll of fabric

                        4   -  15’ x 360’ long roll of fabric

Don Carroll stated that he would like to order the culverts now and store them in the Salt and Sand shed.  This quoted price above is only good for 15 days because of potential price increases.  Don stated we have the funds ($44,000 in the Road Improvement Account) and the place to store them  John stated that 6 or 7 culverts are needed on the Wolfboro Road, and the Town has had good luck with Paris Farms.  Richard Webber reported that there are still 2 rolls of fabric left that will do approximately 400 feet of road.

            Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Terry White, it was unanimously voted to order and purchase the culverts now.

John also reported that there are 2 severely broken up spots on the Merrill Road and that grading will continue when the roads dry up some more.

P.  STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP         Don Carroll reported that there will be a vote next week on some of the proposed laws.

Q.   TREASURER     Nothing.

R.   WELFARE DIRECTOR                        Nothing.                              

S.   MEMORIAL COMMITTEE         Brenda Clark will take a picture of the Memorial when it is in full bloom in the event that the Board would like to use that for the next Town Report.

T.    OTHER   



V.           TRAINING

Diane’s training (Labor and Employment Law) will be rescheduled at a later date because the class was full and MMA will be hopefully doing another one to allow all that wanted to attend a chance to do so.



VI.          PUBLIC COMMENTS    

Delores Butler: stated that it was the Planning Board’s intentions to enforce the Certificate of Occupancy permit only when required by the Bank.  Don stated that could be determined as discrimination, and feels all new construction in town should require the Permit.  Both Delores and Don agreed that it will be discussed at the next Planning Board Meeting (May 19, 2011).


Charles Leighton:  reported that the street light on Pole 5 on the Stetson Road is still out.  The office has reported it before, but will do so again.













Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Terry White, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.






Approved by:


____________________________________Donald Carroll


____________________________________Brenda Clark


____________________________________Lois Hawes


____________________________________George Hockstadter


____________________________________Terry White









Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie