Date: May 8, 2013



Don Carroll opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


            A. ROLL CALL

            Don Carroll, Brenda Clark, George Hockstadter, Charles Leighton, and Danny Withee were present.



                        1. Approve Meeting Minutes of April 24, 2013

            Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Danny Withee,  it was unanimously voted to approve the April 24, 2013 Meeting Minutes.


            C. QUIT CLAIM DEEDS



            D. WARRANT

                        1. Advantage Payroll #25

                        Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Brenda Clark, it was unanimously voted to approve Advantage Payroll #25.


                        2. Expenditures #34

                        Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to approve Expenditures Warrant #34.

            Consensus of the Board was to transfer $100,000.00 from the checking to the undesignated fund.



                         Don Carroll reporting the assessing is going well and a lot was completed “today”.



            1.   Building Committee Update

Priscilla Dorman was present and reported that she had not been present at the last 2 meeting, as she was out of state, so therefore she had nothing to update the Selectmen on.  Don reiterated his statement at the last meeting dealing with the Building Committee to do what they were charged to do dealing with building issues only.  Priscilla explained that their goal was to deal with possible future growth of foot traffic also.




1.     Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Don reported that there is a problem with a dead tree in the cemetery that is down and has damaged both the wire and wooden fencing.  William Barriault was present and stated that he would take care of it.


2.     Cleaning Contract Review

The Selectmen were given a copy of the present contract, and asked to look over for the changes that need to be made because of the old town office no longer being cleaned.

Upon motion by Charles Leighton,  seconded by George Hockstadter, it was unanimously voted to table the Cleaning Contract until the next meeting.




            A. ANIMAL CONTROL        Nothing.

            B. APPEALS BOARD         Nothing.

            C. CEMETERY         Don Carroll reported that the inmate crew will be back on Friday and complimented on the job that has been done with only a 2 man crew.

            D. CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER    The Board requested an update on the Mullen Road property.

            E. E911          Nothing.

            F. EDUCATION        Don Carroll reported the most updated figure that he has received for the school budget is $794,946 and they are also going to try to restore the “B” Athletic programs.  Final Budget meeting is Monday Night.


            H. EMT/RESCUE     Nothing.

            I. FIRE DEPARTMENT       Noted that Kim Tracy is now teaching school and will possibly no longer be with us after June.

            J. MEETINGHOUSE    Mel Bellefleur was present and presented a request tot the Board to allow Downeast Horizon’s the use of the Meeting House once a week for a couple of hours for a Stetson Child that is in need of learning Life Skills.  There will be at least one employee there at all times and Downeast Horizons will provide all insurance coverage.  Consensus of the Board was to allow the use of the Meeting House once insurance coverage proof has been provided.

            Connie Merrill was also present and presented a request to buy some new tables from Sam’s Club for the Meeting House.  The tables are $90.00 a piece and she would like to purchase 3 of them.  Consensus of the Board was to purchase 5 new tables because of the need for them.


            K. PARKS & RECREATION          Mel Bellefleur  reminded that Board that she still has a helium tank in here garage that belongs to the town.

            L. PLANNING BOARD        Nothing.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         Nothing.

            N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Nothing.

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER           William Barriault was present and asked the balance of the Road Improvement account in hopes to get the funds at Town Meeting to pave another mile of road this upcoming fiscal year.  William stating if we do not do something, we will loose what good roads we have now.    The board explained that this fiscal year is going to very tough as it is on the tax payers because of not knowing what cuts that the Governor has proposed will actually go forth. 

            He also expressed concern of a culvert on the Wolfboro Road that is ready to collapse that is in need of replacement.

            George Hockstadter thanked Barriault for doing a fine job.

            P. STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP       No update

            Q. TREASURER      Diane questioned the intent of the Board on the requested Article  on the Town Meeting Warrant requesting Carry forward funds for the Town Office repair or build. 

            Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by George Hockstadter, it was unanimously voted to put the article on the warrant but to state “Not recommended by Selectmen”.

Diane reported that the Town report will be brought to print May 15th.

            R. WELFARE DIRECTOR Nothing.

            S. MEMORIAL COMMITTEE          Nothing.


V.        TRAINING


            Cathy attended a Tax Collectors training on May 7th




            Priscilla Dorman questioned the interest in a “Candidates Night” .  It was explained that the Town has nothing to do with that and that it is up to the Candidates themselves.




Don Carroll reminded the Board that the County crew will be back for a week in August and a week in October, Selectmen should start thinking what they would like to have done, and also that Sergeant Lebretton needs to be contacted in December to schedule the crew.








Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 p.m.











_______________________________Donald Carroll


_______________________________Brenda Clark


_______________________________George Hockstadter


_______________________________Charles Leighton


_______________________________Danny Withee


Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie