Date:  July 24 2013


I. OPEN MEETING                          

The meeting was opened with Brenda Clark leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



            Brenda Clark, Charles Leighton, Priscilla Dorman, Hal Hand, and Danny Withee.



                                    June 26, 2013          Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was voted 3 (Brenda Clark) to 0 to approve the June 26, 2013 Meeting Minutes.

                                    June 28, 2013          Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Danny Withee, it was voted 3 (Brenda Clark) to 0 to approve the June 28, 2013 Meeting Minutes.


                                    July 10, 2013            Upon motion by Hal Hand, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was voted 4 to 0 to approve the July 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes.  (Danny Withee was not present for this meeting)


            C. QUIT CLAIM DEEDS 



            D.  WARRANT

                        1.  Payroll Warrant # 2

            Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to approve Payroll Warrant #2.


2.    AP Warrant # 2

            Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Hal Hand, it was unanimously voted to approve AP Warrant #2.  (Priscilla Dorman question the CB Kenworth bill and Bucky explained the amount included the rotation of the tires on the truck)


            Upon motion by Brenda Clark, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to transfer $40,000 from the undesignated account to the checking account to cover expenses.






In Discussion of the “Old Town Office” , it was decided this would be a continued agenda item until a decision was made about what to do with the building.  The building is presently costing more in our insurance premium, and continues to deter ate.   The Fire Department will consider doing a “burn training” or the Building Committee received a quote to tear down and clean up of approximately $16,000.

            Diane also requested permission to create a warrant for 30 day notices and the checks needed for Stetson Days Events.  Consensus of the Board was to create  a warrant for the items needed.





The Board received 4 bids:

Alan Clark                                         $  800.00

Tim Richardson                              $1,615.00

Rick Faloon                                     $   825.00

Excalleber Ground Maint.            $2,400.00

Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Hal Hand, it was unanimously voted to accept and approve Rick Faloon as the winning bid in the amount of $ 825.00.



            A.  ANIMAL CONTROL                   Nothing.

            B.  APPEALS BOARD                    Don Carroll may be interested.  

            C. CEMETERY     Diane reported a complaint dealing with a sink-hole at Clarks Hill cemetery.  Charles will call Clayton’s for an estimate.

            D. CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER                George Hoffman’s Letter from the CEO was noted.                       

            E.  E911         Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION       Nothing.

            G. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE                 Nothing.

            H. EMT/RESCUE     Diane stated that the Town of Stetson is very fortunate to have someone such as Nancy Watson as their EMS Director.

I. FIRE DEPARTMENT       Bucky Mornealt was present and reported that the Department ran rampid during the most recent storm and would like to give a reminder to stay away from downed power lines.   Bucky also questioned if the Board would like to Fire Department to start doing the monthly checks of the generators at the meeting house again?  Consensus of the Board was for the Department to do so and thanked them for doing so.  Diane also stated that the new Chief (Bucky Mornealt) is also doing a great job for the Town.  He has already received the cover for the diesel tank and the tires have been rotated on the truck. 

            J. MEETINGHOUSE            Connie Merrill stated there was no report at this time.

K. PARKS & RECREATION          Nothing.

L. PLANNING BOARD                    Nothing.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         Nothing.

            N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Nothing.

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER           Mr. Barriault was present and noted there was a tree down on Burleigh road that has been taken care of, and there were a few road sign issues that were addressed.  He would like to know when the Board would like to start the paving project of 1 mile and where.  In discussion, the Brown road and Wolfboro road were discussed, and consensus of the Board was to put off for at least 30 days while waiting for tax funds to come in.  Barriault will try to have a 30 day hold put on the quote.


            Q. TREASURER      Diane requested to close the office for a Web Ex training on Tuesday, August 6th from 8 to noon.  Consensus of the Board was to close the office, but to post the closure and get it on the Web Site.

            R. WELFARE DIRECTOR            Nothing.


            S. OTHER    

            Diane also explained to the Board that Michelle Tanguay clarified the compliance of the Town in dealing with Nim’s Certification.  The Town is in compliance because there are presently 3 of us whom are certified.


            Diane will contact George to see if he would deal with the Penobscot County work group the first week of August and to get the fences painted at the cemeteries.


IV. TRAINING     Noted Above.


V.            PUBLIC COMMENTS 

Mr. Richardson was present:  and expressed concerns about road side mowing.  He the longer the blade and the type of blade will cut further back and present some of the future growing.  He also requested that in the future that equipment requirement be included in the bid request.


William Barriault:  informed the Board that he will donate the material to fill the sink-hole at the cemetery if he can get his truck in where needed.




Priscilla Dorman:  Thanked the office staff for making the Agenda available earlier.

Hal Hand:  Thanked the office staff for all they do.


VII.         EXECUTIVE SESSION             




Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.










__________________________________Brenda Clark


__________________________________Priscilla Dorman


__________________________________Hal Hand


__________________________________Charles Leighton


__________________________________Danny Withee




Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie