Date:  August 28, 2013




I.              OPEN MEETING

The meeting was called to order by Brenda Clark leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



Brenda Clark, Charles Leighton, Priscilla Dorman, and Danny Withee were present, Hal Hand was absent.




                        1.         Approve August 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

            Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to approve the August 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes.


            Brenda Clark also thanked Diane Lacadie for being present even though there was a death in her immediate family.  The rest of the board also thanked Diane.


            C. QUIT CLAIM DEEDS 



            D.  WARRANT


1.    Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant  #5

Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was unanimously voted to approve Payroll Warrant #5.


2.    Expenditures – Approve warrant  #5

Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to approve Expenditures Warrant #5.


            E. BOARD OF ASSESSORS       

                        1.         Discussion of Mill Rate for Tax Commitment

Assessing Agent, Daniel Smith was present and explained the both the minimum and maximum tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year’s real estate taxes.  Those numbers being from 0.016340 to 0.016900.


Upon motion by Danny Withee, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to set the mill rate at 0.016900, this mill rate creating an overlay of $ 39,813.25.  Also noted that the mill rate remains the same as last year.          



1.    Old Town Office Update

It was noted that the goal is still to burn the building sometime in November and to consider RFP’s for any removal there after.         




            Noted that the Municipal Plowing needs to go out to bid.


            Diane also reported that Jeff Perry will be working to redesign the Website page to include the agendas.



            A.  ANIMAL CONTROL       Nothing.                   


                        1.         Looking for a member if anyone is interested.  Announced.

            C.  CEMETERY        Diane and Brenda are in hopes of finishing the painting at Clarks Hill Cemetery.  Clarks Hill is also in need of 2 culverts at approximately $200 each.  Mr. Barriault being present will take care of replacing those culverts, and 1 that is needed at Coboro Cemetery.

            Charles Leighton also reported that most of the downed limb has been cleaned up at Clarks Hill Cemetery and thanked Leland Dunton for his help dealing with the limb.  Charles will also contact Bob Creaton to research cost for repairing damaged stones.

            D.  CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER   Nothing.       

            E.  E911   Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION       The meeting taking place was noted and the board will request an update from Don Carroll whom is attending the meeting.

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE                Nothing.       

            H.  EMT/RESCUE                Nothing.


            J.  MEETINGHOUSE           Connie Merrill reported that a meeting was held with the Fire Department and Chairperson Brenda Clark.  It was noted that the paint in the boiler room needed to be moved to the closet upstairs and the bags of beans and water need to be removed because they are no longer good.   Blankets also need to be checked and properly stored if of any use.  The Fire Department checked the fire alarms, the alarms downstairs are electric and battery upstairs.  The Fire Department will do routine checks on the alarms.  Fire extinguishers need to be purchased and properly installed.  Connie also requested railings be added to the balcony stairs for safety.  Diane will check with Melvin of the church group for a price to have railing built and installed, she will also request Terry’s help in removal of the previous listed items.

K.  PARKS & RECREATION         Nothing.


            1.         Looking for planning board Members.  Announced.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         Nothing.       

N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Nothing.                   

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER           William Barriault was present and reported that the paving project has been mapped out, but the start date has been pushed back due to paving projects in school parking lots.   The whole on the Lapoint Rd has been filled.  Upcoming projects are the cemetery culverts, gravel and felt to the Blaisdell Rd, and culverts on the Wolfboro Rd. 


            Q. TREASURER      Diane again noted the MMA convention and questioned the board’s interest in attending.  30 day notice dead line is Friday August 30, and liens will be filed on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.  Diane also reported that we received a $940 dividend check from MMA Risk Management Services for FY 2012 .

            R.  WELFARE DIRECTOR            Consensus of the Board was to sign the 2013-2014 General Assistance Appendices.


S.   OTHER    Diane reported the Salt and Sand Shed Payment is due the first of October and questioned if full payoff would be made then.



Possible some staff will attend MMA convention.




Julie Browning questioned if the previous years school funds of $100,000.00 would affect this years mill rate.  It will not, that was a one time allocation.






1.  Personnel Issues Update 1 MRSA sec 405 (6) (A)

Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to enter into Executive Session per 1 MRSA sec 405 (6) (A).  Time 7:00 pm.

Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to come out Executive Session.  Time 7:35 pm.

Upon motion by Priscilla Dorman, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to have Priscilla draft a confidential letter to MMA dealing with the mold issues.




Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Priscilla Dorman, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m.








___________________________________Brenda Clark


___________________________________Charles Leighton


___________________________________Priscilla Dorman


___________________________________Hal Hand (absent)


___________________________________Danny Withee








Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie