Date:  December 12, 2012





The meeting was called to order with Don Carroll leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



Donald Carroll, Brenda Clark, George Hockstadter, Charles Leighton, and Danny Withee.



                        1.         Approve Meeting Minutes of November 28, 2012

                        Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Brenda Leighton, it was voted to 4 to 1 to approve the minutes. (Don Carroll abstained because he was not in attendance)


            C. QUIT CLAIM DEEDS 



            D.  WARRANT


1.    Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant   # 14

Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was voted unanimously to approve Payroll Warrant # 14.


2.    Expenditures – Approve warrant  # 18 & 19

Upon motion by Charles Leighton,  seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously voted to approve Warrant #18,’

Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to approve Warrant #19.



                        Supplemental bill was unanimously approved in the amount of $451.23.



1.    Town Office Building / Space Update and Discussion.

George Hockstadter stated that the Board had already voted to cut the Library in half to extend room of the Town Office.  George stated that the Library is only open 8 hours per week and the Office is open 36 hours per week and provided most of the revenues of the Town. 

Brenda Clark:  Stated that the Board needs to communicate better, “We voted unanimously last week where the wall was going and now because of individual discussions and meetings, some have changed there minds and we are voting again.”  Some of us are coming into this meeting blind.”

Charles Leighton stated that he was confused at what was explained and he looked at during the previous meeting.  He now aggress with the Library people that the previous vote of the Board is not going to work, “I was called to the Library Saturday morning and then spoke with other Board Members and we decided to postpone construction.

Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was voted  4 to 1 to rescind the previous vote of the Board and vote on the new plan. (George Hockstadter voting NO).

Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to approve the new plan of the wall to go along the ceiling beam.

Don Carroll questioned whether or not to drain the pipes in the old office building or to keep heat at 45% until decisions are finalized.

Don Carroll also informed the Board that the Town may have access to funds for a facilitator and that is being investigated.  Don recommended that the Building Committee take the Holidays off and then start their meetings.  Don reminded the new Building Committee Members that all meetings are opened to the public.  Alan Brown will set up the meetings at least until the first meeting is held.


2.    CEO discussion.

Don Carroll stated that his opinion is to keep Al Tempesta on as CEO and to train Brent Doorman for the future.   Brent will get in touch with Al Tempesta.



The consensus of the Board was to appoint a Building Committee.  Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Danny Withee, it was unanimously reported to appoint the following people to the Building Committee:

            Warren Foss

            Allen Brown

            Charles Merrill

            Nick Arena

            Charles Martin

            Liz Rougny

            Priscilla Dorman



            A.  ANIMAL CONTROL       Nothing.       

B.  APPEALS BOARD        Nothing.

C.  CEMETERY        It was question if the flags have been removed from the Cemeteries.   

D.  CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER               Nothing.  

            E.  E911          Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION   Don Carroll reported that there are no new updates and that it will be 4 to 5 years before the new school is completed.

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE                Nothing.

            H.  EMT/RESCUE                Nothing.

I.   FIRE DEPARTMENT      Nothing.

            J.  MEETINGHOUSE           Don Carroll reported the remainder of the second coat will be put on the floor.

K.  PARKS & RECREATION         Nothing.

L.  PLANNING BOARD       Nothing.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR         Nothing.

N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Don informed the Board Members that he has given them a packet explaining the $50,000 the will be divided among 28 towns that are participants.

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER           Not Present.

P.  STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP      Don reported that there will be a meeting in January.

            Q. TREASURER      Nothing.

R.   WELFARE DIRECTOR                        Nothing.

S.   MEMORIAL COMMITTEE        Nothing.

T.    OTHER    Nothing.



V.           TRAINING




Liz Rooney wanted to be sure what contents could be safely moved from the old building to the new location.  Liz also wanted to be sure that the new area is ADA compliant.

Sue Foss of the Library Board informed all that were present that the Board did not want to close the Library and that it would be up and running as soon as possible.  Sue stated that the old plan of the wall would have ruined the architectural  structure of the building.

Mary Annett also stated that communication is lacking and all agreed.

Frank Border from the Merrill Road questioned the town contracting with Time Warner Cable.  Don Carroll informed him the town has previously tried and been denied.

Priscilla Dorman requested the minutes of the website be updated.









Upon motion by George Hockstadter, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:25.








____________________________________Donald Carroll


____________________________________Brenda Clark


____________________________________George Hockstadter


____________________________________Charles Leighton


____________________________________Danny Withee



Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie