Date:  December 14, 2011





The meeting was called to order with Don Carroll leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



Donald Carroll, Brenda Clark, Charles Leighton, and Terry White were present.  George Hockstadter was absent.




1.     Approve Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of November 22, 2011

Upon motion by Terry White, seconded by Brenda Clark, it was voted 4 to 0 to approve the November 22, 2011 Meeting Minutes.





            D.   WARRANT


1.        Payroll Warrant – Approve warrant  # 3 & 4 (Advantage       


Upon motion Charles Leighton, seconded by Terry White, It was voted 4 to 0 to approve Payroll Warrants #3 and #4.


2.        Expenditures – Approve warrant  # 28 & 29

Upon motion by Brenda Clark, seconded by Terry White, it was voted 4 to 0 to approve Warrant #28.

Upon motion by Terry White, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was voted 4 to 0 to approve Warrant #29.



Abatement request for Mr. Stubbs

                        Mr. Stubbs was present and Don Carroll informed the board that the Assessing Agent recommended to deny this Abatement request.  Mr. Stubbs abatement request was for $6,000 in Real Estate Value because there is no legal access to the property.  Mr. Stubbs feels that the base price of the lot is valued to high compared to other similar properties in Stetson.

            Upon motion by Don Carroll, seconded by Terry  White, it was voted 4 to 0 to table the Abatement request until don has a chance to speak with the Assessing Agent, Danielle Smith.



1.    Contracts

Don reminded the Board that Contract bids and discussions will be taking place soon, and that he like to have all Board Members notes and recommendations for the first meeting in January.  3 year contracts will include Plowing  and Solid Waste.




1.    Request from Todd Tousaint to use the Meeting House on Thursday evenings for a Boys Scout Troup

Mr. Tousaint was not present.

Upon motion by Charles Leighton, seconded by Brenda Clark, it was voted 4 to 0 to table this request until further notice by Mr. Tousaint.




A.  ANIMAL CONTROL       Nothing.

           B.  APPEALS BOARD         Nothing.

C.   CEMETERY        Nothing.

D.   CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER   Don informed the Board that our CEO will be checking into the Tasker Property again for CEO and safety violations.                                                   

            E.  E911          Nothing.

            F.  EDUCATION           Nothing has been stated from Dan Higgins dealing with school closer as of yet.

            G.  EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE    Nothing.                   

            H.  EMT/RESCUE                 There is a concern/request from the EMT personnel dealing with a resident on the Billings road.  The Billings Rd is a private road and certain locations are not being plowed.  The EMT responders and/or Ambulance are getting stuck in the storms.   Consensus of the Board was to “play it by ear” until we are sure that the resident that is of concern will be staying there this winter.

             I.   FIRE DEPARTMENT                Fire Chief Kim Tracy was present and thanked those whom attended the ICS – 402 Overview for Executive/Senior Officials class on December 12, 2011.  This certification for the Board of Selectmen is mandatory and allows the Fire Department and EMS Department to be eligible for grants.  Kim also reported that there are 2 new FD members working through their 6 month probation.

            J.  MEETINGHOUSE           A report was given that there is a Light bulb out, and that the Church Group will take care of it.

K   PARKS & RECREATION         The Parks and Rec Department will be hosting the annual Christmas Party on Dec 17th .    

L.  PLANNING BOARD         Nothing.

            M. PLUMBING INSPECTOR                    Nothing.

N. RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE COLLECTION         Don Carroll reported that he took a ride on Tuesday, and there were a lot of recycling bins out for pick-up, but we need as many as we can get.

            O. ROAD COMMISSIONER           Mr. Barriault was present and informed the Board that road work is pretty much done for the winter months.  He reported that the roads have been graded, he cut a  tree done of Everetts Landing and has had good reports from the winter impacted roads thus far.   Don Carroll informed Barriault that there is a tree on the Merrill Road that is hanging completely over  the road that could cause some problems.

P.   STATE LEGISLATIVE CORRESP      Don responded to LPC’s concerns via e-mail and will be attending a meeting in January.

Q.   TREASURER     Diane informed the Board that she will have the Mid-year expense/revenue report ready for the next meeting.

R.   WELFARE DIRECTOR                        Nothing.

S.   MEMORIAL COMMITTEE        Nothing. (Marlene was not present)



T.    OTHER   

Non Agenda items:

1.            NFI Ranch will be hosting a Christmas Dinner for all those who would like to attend.  There will be no cost to the dinner, donations will be accepted and 100% of those donations will be given to the food cupboard.

2.            Don Carroll reported to the Board that the School Bus turn-a-round on Rte 22 is actually located in Newport, and the owner of the property has requested a load of gravel to make it easier for the busses to turn in.  Consensus of the Board was to allow Don Carroll to call Jim Ricker to help with labor and materials and proceed as needed to fix the problem.

3.            Don reported that Budget Workshops will be starting the first week in February and should be held in the evening to allow Department Heads to attend.


VI.          TRAINING       Diane Lacadie, Brenda Clark, and Charles Leighton attended the ICS – 402 training on December 12th.




Delores Butler reported that a special tool is needed for the lights at the library.  Charles will look for that tool to see if he has one available.



Don Carroll informed the Board that he will not be able to attend the January 25, 2012 Meeting.  Don also reported that the Town has received a check for reimbursement from the county in the amount of $3,474.17.  These funds were reimbursed to towns because Bangor Regional Dispatch did not pass.  Don spoke with Penobscot Sheriffs to schedule the work crew in May for the cemeteries, and a seconded week to work on the Meeting house.






X.           ADJOURNMENT

Upon motion by Terry White, seconded by Charles Leighton, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 p.m.






__________________________________Donald Carroll


__________________________________Brenda Clark


__________________________________George Hockstadter (not here)


__________________________________Charles Leighton


__________________________________Terry White.






Minutes recorded by;

Diane Lacadie