Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of the Poor

Millard Butler, Chairman term expires 2023
Gene Trojano term expires 2025
Leslie Merrill term expires 2024
Danielle Withee term expires 2023
Tammy Buswell, Vice Chairman term expires 2025

RSU #64 School District Board of Directors

Jody Brasslett term expires 2023
Curtis Chadbourne term expires 2025
Steven Ingalls term expires 2024

Road Commissioner

Joe Gray term expires 2024


Joe Gray term expires 2024

Meetinghouse Trustees

Theresa Gray term expires 2023
Sandra Lovejoy term expires 2023
Constance Merrill term expires 2023
Janet Rush term expires 2023
Nevin Miller term expires 2023
Brenda Clark term expires 2023

Appointed Town Officials

Administrative Assistant, Town Clerk, Treasurer, General Assistance Administrator, Deputy Tax Collector, Deputy Registrar of Voters

Danielle Davis

Tax Collector, Registrar of Voters, Deputy Town Clerk, DeputyTreasurer

Kelli Dodge

Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Tax Collector, Deputy Treasurer

Sandra M. Kerr

Health Officer

Nancy Watson

Animal Control Officer

Noel Sirabella  

Appeals Board

Vacant term expires 2023
Vacant term expires 2023
Vacant term expires 2023

Code Enforcement Officer
Plumbing Inspector

Adam Caldwell  

Tax Assessor

Danielle Davis


Fire Department

The Town of Stetson’s Fire Department is presently covered by the Town of Levant and Northern Light Rescue


Parks and Recreation Committee

Corey Leighton  
Bethany Babcock-Leighton  
Vacant Vacant

Planning Board

Philip Small term expires 2023
Michael A. Kosciusko, Chair term expires 2023
Delores Butler term expires 2023
Allan Brown term expires 2023
Brent Dorman term expires 2023
Vacant Secretary term expires 2023
Jodi Lyford, associate term expires 2023

Sealer of Weights and Measures

Department of Agriculture 287-3841

Stetson Public Library, Head Librarian

Laura Ward

Superintendent of Schools, RSU #64

Rhonda Sperrey

Winter Road Maintenance Contractor

Joseph Gray Construction, Stetson

Refuse & Recycling Collection Contractor

Sullivan Waste Disposal & Recycling Services, Troy

Solid Waste Disposal Contract