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Corey Leighton and Bethany Babcock-Leighton
As winter approaches we have finished the season of soccer with an excellent turn-out. We would like to thank all of the coaches and parents for a great season, as well as 11 of the kids for showing great sportsmanship and dedication to their coaches while practicing and playing. We had a great turn out for the middle school soccer camp as well, it was great to see them all playing and having fun during these times of hardship.

For our first annual Trunk or Treat we had a great turn-out. Over 200 people had showed up for the fun. We had a total of 12 trunks that showed up. It was great to hear all of the positive feedback from this event. We are hoping next year will be even better with more trunks and less restrictions as well as a better and more well lit location.

Coming this December we are working on doing a tree lighting ceremony down at the town office. We are going to be looking for volunteers to help out with the event. If you would like to volunteer your time or even materials to make this happen please contact either Bethany or Corey our numbers will be listed at the end. We will be looking for a Santa Claus so that children who would like their photo's done with him will be able to do so.
As usual we are always looking for volunteers, if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer please contact us:

Corey- 207-631-5003
Bethany- 207-631-5069



Corey Leighton